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Get access to 100+ CME credits including:
Our Course Library, New CME Podcasts, New Courses in Urgent Care, Primary Care, Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics and much more!

Enhance your skills and improve your core knowledge. Practice independently with confidence when you master all aspects of urgent care. The comprehensive courses included in this membership are taught by leading experts for physicians, PAs and NPs working in urgent care.

CME content tailored for the PA, NP, and physician taught by Master Clinicians educators. Choose from courses in Orthopedics, EKG, X-rays, Laceration Repair and more!

Skills Workshops


Earn CME while enjoying our educational podcasts which touch upon various healthcare and medical topics. We interview the experts to bring you tips and tricks of the trade!

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Topics Covered in the Course

Urgent Care Essentials
• The urgent care essentials course has you covered with all the basics you need to start out in urgent care. Begin learning the top 30 problems every urgent care provider needs to know how to manage and treat. Created by Dr. Kevin Reiter, Medical Director for GoHealth Urgent Care and Associate Professor of Hofstra, who teaches the urgent care track to Family Medicine residents and advanced practitioners for Northwell. Review the management of a wide range of various common adult and pediatric presentations.

• Enhance your pediatric skills and build confidence while working in the urgent care setting. Learn to identify various causes of fever in children, abdominal pain, rashes and curveballs that can often present themselves. Identify crucial findings and learn more about pediatric medicine with cases including scarlet fever, impetigo, tinea, Kawasaki disease, pyloric stenosis, pyloromyotomy, intussusception, testicular torsion, autism spectrum disorder, and more.

Laceration Repair
• Learn from our Emergency Medicine expert on the various suturing methods in our step by step video tutorial. Learn how to properly repair lacerations using traditional simple interrupted technique, horizontal mattress, vertical mattress, continuous running stitch, subcuticular stitch, cornered buried and deep buried stitch. Explore alternative methods of repair with adhesives, stern-strips and staples. Review staple and suture removal methods along with local anesthesia injection.

Can't Miss X-rays
• Be confident you won't miss crucial x-ray findings and feel comfortable practicing independently. Learn how to approach any x-rays in a consistent logical manner. Review dozens of chest x-rays and identify diagnoses from pneumonia, PE, to TB, pneumothorax and more. Learn to identify common and life-threatening diagnoses on abdominal x-rays including volvulus, small bowel obstruction, free air under the diaphragm, foreign body ingestion, and more.

• In general, 15-20% of all cases in the urgent care or ER are orthopedic related. All clinicians working in these settings should be experts in dealing with these common injuries due to sports, work, or accidents, and be aware of the associated increased rate of litigation, worker's comp and malpractice. Reading x-rays, performing proper physical exams, and recognizing and differentiating between mild to serious injuries are key skills to acquire. Review various case presentations about common injuries of the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle. Go over X-rays, physical exams, management and the tricks of the trade.

Here are all the courses that are included in your Urgent Care Membership

• Urgent Care Essentials
• Urgent Care Curveballs-Unexpected Diagnoses
• Mastery Workshop: Laceration Repair
• Mastery Workshop: Urgent Care Orthopedics
• Mastery Workshop: Can't Miss X-ray Findings
• Pediatric Urgent Care Essentials
• Family Medicine Essentials
• Clinician Burnout-FREE Lecture
• Conference On-Demand: Urgent Care Women's Health
• Conference On-Demand: Can't Miss Urgent Diagnoses
• Conference On-Demand: Urgent Care Medical Summit
• Camp Medicine Essentials
• Toxicology Essentials
• Psychiatry for the Family Medicine Doctor
• Emergency Medicine Essentials
• Podcast Series: Urgent Care Presentations Pearls and Pitfalls
• Podcast Series: Can't Miss EKG Part 1 - FREE CME
• Podcast Series: Can't Miss EKG Part 2 - FREE CME
• Podcast Series: Can't Miss EKG Part 3 - FREE CME
• Podcast Series: Urgent Care Orthopedics Part 1 - FREE CME
• Podcast Series: Urgent Care Orthopedics Part 2- FREE CME
• Podcast Series: Can't Miss X-rays in Urgent Care Part 1 (Chest Xray) - FREE CME
• Podcast Series: Can't Miss X-rays in Urgent Care Part 2 (Extremity Xray)
• Podcast Series: The Patient Experience - Part 1-FREE CME
• Podcast Series: The Patient Experience - Part 2-FREE CME
• Podcast Series: Essential Topics in Urgent Care Part 1
• Podcast Series: Essential Topics in Urgent Care Part 2
• Podcast Series: Wound Care-FREE CME

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