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Over 100 hours of CME content tailored for the PA, NP, and physician taught by master clinician educators working in the emerging medical fields such as urgent care, telemedicine, hospital medicine and more. 
Urgent Care

Our extensive urgent care CME library includes courses from top educators from AFC, PM Pediatrics, CityMD, GoHealth and other leading urgent cares for the beginner to the seasoned expert.

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The Telemedicine Revolution has Begun! Learn how to safely manage and remotely treat your patients while understanding the complex rules and regulations of using this new technology.

Hospitalist Medicine

Hospital Medicine requires working closely with specialists, emergency medicine and primary care providers. Learn from our experts on how to avoid common admission pitfalls, when to call for consultants, and more.

Mastery Workshops

Master the essential skills needed such as EKG, X-ray, Orthopedics, Laceration Repair, Ultrasound and more.

Emergency Medicine

Courses specifically designed to prepare you for the unexpected in emergency medicine. Enhance your fundamental skills and build confidence while working in the urgent care or emergency department setting.


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Suture Kit Comparison & Recommendations

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Here are some products that could enhance your course learning and offer better practicing of laceration repair.

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