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Organizational Partnerships

CME Accreditation, Learning Management Systems and Training Materials for your Organization

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In a landscape where few partners offer both medical education accreditation and a robust learning management system for physician groups, Master Clinicians stands out.

Our unique position allows us to serve large healthcare practices, provider membership organizations, and medical societies seamlessly. Whether you need CME creation for your providers, a platform to host and distribute your training content, or access to a nationwide audience, we've got you covered.

CME Accreditation Services

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ACCME Joint Providership of Your Courses

Experience our flat fee of $3500 per CME activity for online enduring content, with a limit of 5-8 CME hours. Utilize our LMS platform exclusively for content hosting or sales, with online content requiring review and renewal every 2 years. Let's discuss options for Live CME Events tailored to your needs.

  • $3500 flat fee per activity (CME program) for online enduring content (limit 5-8 CME hours)

  • Must use our LMS platform to host and sell content exclusively

  • Online Content requires review and renewal every 2 years

  • Can discuss more about Live CME Events.


Learning Management System Services

Benefit from our scalable hosting solutions starting at $500/month for up to 1000 users. With plans up to $1000/month for 2500-5000 users, our LMS services ensure seamless access and management for your organization.

  • $500/month for hosting users up to 1000

  • $750/month for hosting from 1001-2500 users

  • $1000/month for hosting 2500-5000 users


Marketplace Services

Leverage our CME marketplace to expand your reach and sell your products to a nationwide audience. See our Affiliate Partnership for more details.

Group Purchase & Promotions


Practices and Groups

For large practices seeking educational content, Master Clinicians offers exclusive group purchase discounts on memberships, online courses, and bundles. Partner with us to provide valuable learning resources and save on costs.

Group Purchase

Unlock significant discounts, ranging from 20-50% off, based on volume, for large group orders. Explore our range of courses and bundles tailored to urgent care, primary care, DOT certification, DEI training, and more.

Group Promotional Code

Enjoy a 20% discount for your members on selected products. Refer Master Clinicians as a trusted CME option for your providers.

  • 20% off for your members for selected product

  • Refer Master Clinicians to your providers as a CME option

Current and Past Organizational Partnerships

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