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Marketplace Partnerships

Expand your Market and Highlight your CME Products

New Classes added every month

Partner with us to list your established CME products on our nationwide marketplace.

Expand your sales funnel and gain immediate access to Master Clinicians' user base.

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List your existing products on our website marketplace

Immediate access to Master Clinicians’ users nationwide 

Competitive market fee applied for each sale

Analytics to better understand your customer base

Marketplace Services

As a partner with us, you'll have access to your personalized Dashboard and receive:

  • Notifications of Every Sale

  • Daily Purchase and Usage Reports

  • Participant Progress Data

  • Sale Transaction Details

  • Summary of Payment (paid quarterly)

Your content and courses will be showcased on the Master Clinicians Platform

View our Online CME Library to see how your course would appear:


Marketplace Partnerships

Partners with available CME content on our platform

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