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Urgent Care Triple CME Bundle

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46.5 CME




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525 tokens | $749

A portion of your Master Clinicians purchase will go to a healthcare charity

A comprehensive CME course covering common and not so common conditions and presentations to prepare clinicians to work in urgent care

This bundle includes 3 of our most popular urgent care courses and is a great introductory course for physicians, PAs, and NPs working in urgent care, or for those seeking a comprehensive refresher course at a great value. Learn from the best medical directors and educators from leading urgent care centers. Catch the clinical time bombs and subtle deadly findings for patients that walk into your primary care, urgent care, or emergency department. With this course, you will learn to identify crucial findings in the areas of orthopedics, cardiopulmonary, EKG, x-rays, urology, ENT, ophthalmology, and more. Additionally, prepare for the unique health concerns and conditions in female patients, from pregnancy to menopause to gynecological conditions and other issues that only affect women. This comprehensive course bundle includes 46.5 CME credits, 46.5 hours of video content, downloadable pdfs of the slides, BONUS podcasts, and a pre- and post-course quiz to test your knowledge.

Topics Covered in the


Urgent Care Medical Summit

  • The Patient Experience

  • Urgent Care & Burnout

  • Can't Miss Presentations

  • Can't Miss Orthopedics Cases

  • Pediatric Non-Accidental Trauma

  • Curveballs in Pediatric Urgent Care

  • Allergies and Asthma

  • Travel Medicine Evaluation in the Urgent Care Center

  • Can’t Miss ENT

  • Urgent Care Ophthalmology

  • Concussion

  • Pregnancy Related Issues in the Urgent Care Setting

  • Gynecologic Issues for the Non-OBGYN

  • Clinical Pearls and Pitfalls: STD Management

  • Dermatology in the Setting of Urgent Care

  • Urgent Care Pearls and Pitfalls

Can't Miss Urgent Diagnoses

  • Can't Miss Diagnoses with Common Presentations

  • Can't Miss EKG Findings

  • Can't Miss Orthopedics

  • Evaluation of the Dyspneic Patient

  • Can't Miss Chest Pain

  • Can't Miss Urology

  • Can't Miss Abdominal Pain in Women

  • Can't Miss Ophthalmology Complaints

  • Can't Miss ENT

  • Non-Accidental Pediatric Trauma

  • BONUS Podcast Series: Can't Miss X-rays in Urgent Care

  • BONUS Podcast Series: Can't Miss EKG's in Urgent Care

  • BONUS Podcast Series: Can't Miss Dermatology in Urgent Care

Urgent Care Women's Health

  • Gynecologic Issues for the Non-OBGYN

  • Pregnancy Related Issues in the Outpatient Setting: Tips for the Non-OBGYN

  • Women and STIs

  • Chronic Abdominal & Pelvic Pain in Women: Beyond Quadrants

  • Understanding and Supporting the Mental Health of Women

  • Can't Miss Abdominal Pain in Women

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for Women

  • Hysteria and Headaches

  • Updates in Contraceptives

  • BONUS: Why Telemedicine is Great for Women and Children

The Master Clinicians Urgent Care Membership offers access to the entire Urgent Care library! 

As a member, you can decide what course you like and learn at your own pace. There are over 140 CME credits hours of educational lectures taught by the industry’s best from AFC, GoHealth, CityMD, PM Pediatrics, UCA/NERUCA, NextCare, and Academic Centers such as Northwell, Mount Sinai and John Hopkins. In addition, there are many perks and free access to our Master Clinicians Urgent Care Summit live event.

Over $6,500 worth of value for only $1,000!




Access to all Master Clinicians created

Urgent Care Library

(over 140+ CME hours)

Includes these current courses and bundles:

  • Urgent Care Essentials (5 CME credits)

  • Pediatric Urgent Care Essentials (6.5 CME credits)

  • Family Medicine Essentials (5 CME credits)

  • Emergency Medicine Essentials (15 CME credits)

  • Urgent Care Curveballs-Unexpected Diagnosis (8 CME credits)

  • Rapid Fire X-ray Crash Course for Urgent Care (8.5 CME credits)

  • Mastery Workshop-Laceration Repair (3 CME credits)

  • Mastery Workshop-Urgent Care Orthopedics (4 CME credits)

  • Master Workshop-Cant Miss X-Ray Findings (3 CME credits)

  • Conference on Demand: Urgent Care Women’s Health (10 CME credits)

  • Conference on Demand: Cant Miss Urgent Diagnosis (17.5 CME credits)

  • Urgent Care Medical Summit (19 CME credits)

  • Toxicology Essentials (4 CME credits)

  • Psychiatry for the Family Medicine Doctor (1 CME credits)

  • Clinician Burnout (1 CME credit)

  • Cardiology Essentials (5 CME credits)

  • Health Care Today: Providing Care for All (9 CME credits)

Now also includes:


Virtual Conference with Top Urgent Care Leadership and Bonus Q&A session 

VIP tickets to

Urgent Care Summit

September 14, 2024

(6 CME credits)


Urgent Care Podcast Series

(7.5 CME credits)

Pearls and Pitfalls, Cant Miss EKG, Ortho, Cant Miss X-rays, Patient Experience, Essential Topics in Urgent Care & Wound Care

NEW lineup of Urgent Care courses

(10 CME credits)

TBD for 2024

DOT Medical Examiner Certification.jpg

NEW DOT certification/

recertification course

(10 CME credits)

xnP6LcKcSle6fOL32dZd_shutterstock_146708702 (1)_edited.jpg

NEW Camp

Medicine Essentials

(3 CME credits)


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10% Discount to all Non-Urgent Care courses on Master Clinicians

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Earn 5,000 Reward Points ($50) over 6 months and redeem at our Rewards Center


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Renewal for 2024 will earn an additional 10,000 reward points ($100)

Continuing Medical Education


Master Clinicians is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Courses Included

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Urgent Care Triple CME Bundle

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Urgent Care Triple CME Bundle



800 tokens | $1000
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Urgent Care Triple CME Bundle



800 tokens | $1000
FINAL cMe token.png
FINAL cMe token.png

Urgent Care Triple CME Bundle



800 tokens | $1000
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FINAL cMe token.png
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