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Travel CME. Anytime. Anywhere.

Choose Any Travel Course

Choose Any Destination You Want

Earn your CME Certificate

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Travel and learn with ease by following these straightforward steps.
We're here to support your continuing medical education journey!

Select Your Course

  • Browse our available CME courses and choose the one that suits your needs.  

  • Make sure the course duration fits within your travel plans.

Choose Your Destination and Date Range

  • Enter your travel destination and specify the date range when you'll be traveling (up to 5 consecutive days).

Complete Your


  • Once you've selected your course and travel details, proceed to purchase.

  • You'll receive a receipt with course details, location, and dates upon successful payment.

  • Please note that there are no refunds and a $50 admin fee may apply if the course is started before the start date or completed before the last day.

Learn on the Go

  • During your trip, access your chosen course materials on our platform.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of studying at your own pace and convenience.

Earn Your CME Certificate

  • After completing the course during your travel dates, you will be eligible to receive a CME certificate. (Do not start the course prior to the start date and do not complete the course prior to the last day or your course and certificate may be invalided)

  • Your certificate will be delivered to you electronically, confirming your successful completion of the course.

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