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Hospitalist Essentials Bundle

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A CME course specifically designed to strengthen your foundations in hospital medicine.

Enhance your fundamental hospital medicine skills with this course, which provides you with essential strategies for management of common conditions seen in the hospital setting. This comprehensive course includes 13 hours of video content, downloadable pdfs of the slides, and a pre- and post-course quiz to test your knowledge.

Topics Covered in the


Hospitalist Essentials

  • Early recognition of sepsis and differences between SIRS, sepsis, and septic shock

  • Findings, caveats, and management of sepsis

  • Can’t miss red flags on labs including low potassium, increased creatinine, abnormal LFTs, and low hematocrit, as well as red flag examinations findings, including shortness of breath that may indicate CHF, PE, pneumothorax; abdomen bloating that may indicate infection or ileus; and leg swelling indicative of DVT

  • Workflow, procedures, and admission for cases such as chest pain, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, cellulitis, chronic pain, DVT, atrial fibrillation, and homelessness

Is Your Patient Septic?

  • Deeper dive into sepsis, including challenge in diagnosing sepsis, current sepsis workflows, and implementing more effective strategies in management, such as checklists and improved communication

Dialysis Cases with Clues You Can't Miss

  • Acute indications for dialysis

  • Assessment of causes of anion gap metabolic acidosis

  • Hemodialysis for enhanced drug or poison removal

  • Treatments for hyperkalemia

Nephrology Clues That You Can't Miss

  • Etiologies of nephrological conditions, methods for assessment, and consideration of all findings and symptoms

  • Workup, diagnosis, and clinical pearls for managing nephrology presentations, including AKI, CKD, hyperkalemia, hyponatremia, metabolic acidosis

  • Indications for nephrology consultation

Hyponatremia: A Practicable Approach and Management

  • Effects of hyponatremia on the body, including neurological disturbances

  • Body fluid compartments and water physiology

  • Common causes of hyponatremia and appropriate workup and management

Approach to the ECG

  • ECG basics, including anatomy, physiology, and voltage

  • Stepwise approach to reading ECGs, including rate, rhythm, axis, and intervals

  • Identifying common and life-threatening arrhythmias, such as SVT and bundle branch blocks, on ECG, as well as other conditions, such as electrolyte abnormalities


  • Case-based discussions and systematic, step-by-step approaches to assessment of tachycardia

  • Narrow-complex tachycardia, including sinus tachycardia, atrial tachycardia, SVT (AVNRT, AVRT), and atrial fibrillation and flutter

  • Wide-complex tachycardia, including SVT with aberrancy, Torsades de Pointes, and ventricular fibrillation


  • Common causes of bradycardia, case-based discussions, and stepwise approaches to diagnosis

  • Sinoatrial (SA) nodal disease, including sinus bradycardia, sinus pause/arrest, tachy-brady syndrome

  • Atrioventricular (AV) nodal disease, including first-, second-, and third-degree AV block, Mobitz type 1 and 2, complete heart block, junctional escape, ventricular escape rhythm

  • Review of medications and pacing techniques for management

Can’t Miss Chest Pain

  • Approach to the history and physical of patients presenting with chest pain as well as when to order testing and determine if serial testing is needed, including ECGs and troponin

  • Case-based review of chest pain and associated ECG changes found in classic STEMI and atypical STEMI equivalents.

  • Differentiation of life-threatening cause and ischemic versus non-ischemic etiologies, and identify STEMI, De Winter, Wellen, ST-segment changes

  • Review of antiplatelets and other medication therapies

Wound Evaluation and Wound Management

  • Principles of wound healing, including phases of healing, as well as etiologies of common wounds

  • Common factors that delay or derail wound healing, such as tissue hypoxia, wound forces, malnutrition, and other disease processes

  • Elements of a clean, contaminated, or infected wound

  • Workup and diagnosis pearls

  • Common wound treatment approaches, including closure techniques and dressings, as well as management of complex wounds

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As a member, you can decide what course you like and learn at your own pace. There are over 140 CME credits hours of educational lectures taught by the industry’s best from AFC, GoHealth, CityMD, PM Pediatrics, UCA/NERUCA, NextCare, and Academic Centers such as Northwell, Mount Sinai and John Hopkins. In addition, there are many perks and free access to our Master Clinicians Urgent Care Summit live event.

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Access to all Master Clinicians created

Urgent Care Library

(over 140+ CME hours)

Includes these current courses and bundles:

  • Urgent Care Essentials (5 CME credits)

  • Pediatric Urgent Care Essentials (6.5 CME credits)

  • Family Medicine Essentials (5 CME credits)

  • Emergency Medicine Essentials (15 CME credits)

  • Urgent Care Curveballs-Unexpected Diagnosis (8 CME credits)

  • Rapid Fire X-ray Crash Course for Urgent Care (8.5 CME credits)

  • Mastery Workshop-Laceration Repair (3 CME credits)

  • Mastery Workshop-Urgent Care Orthopedics (4 CME credits)

  • Master Workshop-Cant Miss X-Ray Findings (3 CME credits)

  • Conference on Demand: Urgent Care Women’s Health (10 CME credits)

  • Conference on Demand: Cant Miss Urgent Diagnosis (17.5 CME credits)

  • Urgent Care Medical Summit (19 CME credits)

  • Toxicology Essentials (4 CME credits)

  • Psychiatry for the Family Medicine Doctor (1 CME credits)

  • Clinician Burnout (1 CME credit)

  • Cardiology Essentials (5 CME credits)

  • Health Care Today: Providing Care for All (9 CME credits)

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 Annual UC Summit

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Urgent Care Podcast Series

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Pearls and Pitfalls, Cant Miss EKG, Ortho, Cant Miss X-rays, Patient Experience, Essential Topics in Urgent Care & Wound Care

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(10 CME credits)

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NEW DOT certification/

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Medicine Essentials

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Continuing Medical Education


This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint providership of Oakstone Publishing and Master Clinicians, LLC. Oakstone Publishing is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Credit Designation:

Oakstone Publishing designates this enduring material for a maximum of 13 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ . Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

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Hospitalist Essentials Bundle

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Hospitalist Essentials Bundle



800 tokens | $1000
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FINAL cMe token.png

Hospitalist Essentials Bundle



800 tokens | $1000
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FINAL cMe token.png

Hospitalist Essentials Bundle



800 tokens | $1000
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