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Cardiology Essentials for the NP

3.75 CE Course




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A CE course designed to enhance your skills in heart medicine.

Prepare for the unexpected in all things cardiology and build confidence while working in the urgent care or emergency department setting. In this course, you will learn to identify common and life-threatening arrhythmias and findings for various heart disease processes. Review basics such as ECG physiology, axis, voltage, and anatomy and learn about diverse types of ECG presentations. Learn to confidently diagnose and treat common chest pain and heart disorders like tachycardia and bradycardia. This comprehensive course bundle is worth 3.75 CE credits.

CME content tailored for the PA, NP, and physician taught by Master Clinicians educators. Choose from courses in Orthopedics, EKG, X-rays, Laceration Repair and more!

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Topics Covered in the Course

Cardiology Essentials: Approach to the ECG
• Learn to identify common and life-threatening arrhythmias, SVT and Bundle branch blocks, findings for various disease processes such electrolyte abnormalities like hyper/hypokalemia. Review ECG basics such as ECG physiology, axis, voltage and anatomy and learn about various types of ECG presentations in a myocardial infarction depending on the location of the heart affected.

Cardiology Essentials: Tachycardia
• Palpitations are common reasons for visits to the urgent care. Causes for tachycardia and palpitation can range from benign to serious. Learn to systemically interpret EKGs, learn the approach to narrow complex tachyarrhythmias and learn the diagnostic and therapeutic maneuvers in a patient with narrow complex tachyarrhythmias.

Cardiology Essentials: Bradycardia
• The differential diagnosis in patients with bradycardia is numerous. Clinicians who are in an outpatient setting may not have the opportunity to read EKGs regularly in their practice. Learn to systemically interpret EKGs, understand common causes of bradycardia, learn the common nodal diseases seen in bradycardia and understand the first line treatments.

Cardiology Essentials: Can’t Miss Chest Pain Part 1
• Learn how to evaluate and manage patients presenting with various chest pain symptoms. What are the initial steps to take? What symptoms are suggestive of ischemic vs non-ischemic etiology? Enjoy this engaging presentation from this cardiology trio of friends (aka CardioNerds) as they go over various case presentations.

Cardiology Essentials: Can’t Miss Chest Pain Part 2
• In part 2 of the chest pain series, the CardioNerds trio go over multiple chest pain cases and associated EKG changes found in classic STEMI and atypical STEMI equivalents.

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Continuing Medical Education


Credit Designation: 

This activity is approved for 3.75 contact hour(s) of continuing education (which includes 0.0 hour(s) of pharmacology) by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners®. Activity ID# 22085699. This activity was planned in accordance with AANP Accreditation Standards and Policies.

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