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ENT Pearls and Mastery of the Ear Courses from Compassio

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Explore the Latest Course

NPs | ENT Pearls and Mastery of the Ear: $99


Approved by the AANP for 5.5 contact hours of continuing education (1.5 Pharm hours). Complete all lessons and quizzes to receive your certificate.


Explore the Latest Course

PAs | ENT Pearls and Mastery of the Ear: $99


Approved for 4 AAPA Category 1 CME credits. Complete all lessons and quizzes to receive your certificate.


Explore the Latest Course

Medical and APP Students, Residents | ENT Pearls and Mastery of the Ear: $69

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Specialty Pearls For:


Get trained by physician specialists eager to share pearls and
bridge the gap 
between primary and specialty care


ENT misdiagnoses happen all the time in primary care settings. For instance, middle ear fluid or purulence is misdiagnosed greater than 85% of the time in an ER, Urgent or Primary Care clinic. Also, did you know that an adult with middle ear fluid needed to see an ENT to rule out nasopharyngeal cancer? Most providers do not.  Raise your diagnostic skills and procedural skills by entering the practice of an ENT physician.

Improve your ability to diagnose and treat a patient’s ear, nose or
throat with exclusive instruction, videos and images.
  • Proper oral, nasal, and neck examination techniques.

  • How to detect tonsil and base of tongue cancer in younger patients.

  • Cerumen and ear foreign body removal skills that expand your scope of practice.

  • Ways to avoid misdiagnosing middle ear fluid and when to refer to an ENT.

  • How to use tests like tympanometry and pneumatic otoscopy for middle ear fluid.

  • How to accurately test for tympanic membrane perforation.

  • Best practices to treat otitis externa.

Use these courses to expand your scope of practice and add valuable skills to your name.
  • Part 1: Oral and Nasal Cavity Examination, Common Findings and Treatment Pearls

  • Part 2: Becoming a Tympanic Membrane Expert

  • Part 3: Becoming an Outer Ear Expert 

  • Conclusion: Q&A

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