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Jennifer Shaer, MD

Jennifer Shaer is a pediatrician, Chief Wellness Officer of Allied Physicians Group, and a certified executive and life coach. 


In her role at Shaer Coaching, she helps mid-career female pediatricians who are fed up and burned out reimagine their careers and take back control of their life.


As Chief Wellness Officer, she is responsible for promoting and supporting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of Allied Physicians Group’s physicians. In this role, she collaborates with other company leaders to integrate physician well-being into the company’s strategic plan, policies, and procedures. 

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Jennifer Shaer, MD

In her free time, she enjoys yoga, meditation, reading, hiking, nature, and spending time with her family.

Do you have an inspiring story to share? Dr. Shaer would love to hear it! Please reach out to her at

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