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Common Urgent Care Presentations: Pearls & Pitfalls

Hong Choi MD, MPH, FACEP

Director of Physician Academy, CityMD Urgent Care

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Here are just a few of the topics included in the membership:

Can't Miss Diagnoses with Common Presentations 

Instructor: Dr. Gino Farina (Emergency Medicine-Northwell) 

When do common presentations like sore throat, back pain, rash, abdominal and chest discomfort become true emergencies? Learn to identify and recognize ACS, PE, aortic dissection, spinal epidural abscesses, necrotizing fasciitis, retro pharyngeal abscess, appendicitis and Lemiere's syndrome in patients presenting with common symptoms. 

Can't Miss EKG Findings

Instructor: Dr. Gino Farina (Emergency Medicine-Northwell) 

Before sending the patient home with chest discomfort or syncope with that normal EKG, take a second look and make sure there aren't any life threatening patterns. Learn to recognize and never miss Brugada Syndrome, STEMI equivalents, prolonged QT, Wellen's, WPW, DeWinter's & more.

Can't Miss Orthopedics Part 1

Instructor: Dr. Melissa Leber (Emergency Medicine & Sports Medicine-Mount Sinai) 

Patients often present to the clinic with common orthopedic injuries from daily activities and sports. Not all injuries are obvious on X-rays and a delay in care, inappropriate treatment or failure to diagnose can lead to deformities and poor outcome. Learn to recognize and manage Achilles tendon rupture, Maisonneuve fractures, LisFranc fractures, central slip ruptures, solar plate rupture, tibial plateau fractures and more in part 1 of 2 lectures.

Can't Miss Orthopedics Part 2

Instructor: Dr. Melissa Leber (Emergency Medicine & Sports Medicine-Mount Sinai) 

Part 2 of the can't miss ortho lectures covers more common orthopedic and sports related injuries. Learn  to recognize and manage scapholunate ligament tears, bicep tears, calcific tendonitis, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), labral tears, hamstring tears, navicular stress fractures and more. Learn when slings and knee immobilizers are indicated and when they are actually harmful.

Can't Miss Chest Pain Part 1 

Instructors: Dr. Daniel Ambinder, Dr. Carine Hamo, Dr. Amit Goyal (Cardiology-Johns Hopkins/Cleveland Clinic)

Learn how to evaluate and manage patients presenting with various chest pain symptoms. What are the initial steps to take? What symptoms are suggestive of ischemic vs non-ischemic etiology? Enjoy this engaging presentation from this cardiology trio of friends (aka CardioNerds) as they go over various case presentations. 


Can't Miss Urology Part 1 

Instructor: Dr. Jared Cohen (Urology-Cleveland Clinic)

Learn to think like a surgeon when evaluating scrotal pain and other urologic urgencies. What is the most common cause of child scrotal pain? How do you identify and manage adults presenting with symptoms consistent with testicular torsion, Fourneier's gangrene, epididymitis, hydrocele, hernia or testicular cancer?. 

Can't Miss Abdominal Pain in Women

Instructor: Dr. Katherine Miao (Urgent Care-CityMD)

Have a wider differential diagnosis when evaluating a woman of child bearing age and pregnant patients. Various emergent conditions can be easily missed on early presentation if the clinicians is not aware of the subtle symptoms and misleading presentations. 

Ophthalmology in Urgent Care

Instructors: Dr. JD Zipkin (CMO of GoHealth Urgent Care)

Clinicians working in urgent care will encounter various eye complaints. What conditions can you manage alone and what needs urgent consultation?  A good review of the basics for urgent care ophthalmology topics.

Can't Miss ENT Part 1

Instructor: Dr. David Chen (ENT-Johns Hopkins)

In part 1 of this 2 part lecture series, learn from an ENT specialist to handle various epistaxis presentations, acute mastoiditis, ear trauma, rupture of the tympanic membrane, foreign body in the ear, and more in the urgent care.

Non-Accidental Pediatric Trauma

Instructor: Dr. Elliot Friedman (Urgent Care-PM Pediatrics)

Learn from our pediatric urgent care expert to look for subtle signs of child abuse, neglect, and non-accidental pediatric trauma. When should you consider abuse? What type of injury patterns are consistent with abuse? How do you manage these patients? 

More New Topics Being Added This Year

Pearls & Pitfalls 


ER Essentials

Medical Aesthetics


ER Pediatric Essentials 

Cardiology Essentials

Family Medicine Essentials

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A Frank Discussion


Dr. Frank Illuzzi is a veteran of emergency medicine and has most recently served as CMO and EVP of Quality and Medical Education for CityMD Urgent Care in NYC.

On each episode, Dr. Illuzzi is joined by a master clinician guest who shares some tips and tricks of the trade. Topics range from urgent care, telemedicine, and emergency medicine. 
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