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Membership Access Passes

Frequently Asked Questions

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Membership Access Passes
  • Select an Access Pass Tier and Receive More Value in         Tokens

  • No More "Use it or Lose it" -      Tokens NEVER EXPIRE! 

  • Use      Tokens to Enroll in Courses Anytime from our CME Library (100+ CME)

  • Earn MORE      Tokens and Exclusive Benefits with our Upcoming Reward System

FINAL cMe token.png
FINAL cMe token.png
FINAL cMe token.png
FINAL cMe token.png
What are Membership Access Passes (MAP)?
A way for providers to get more value and freedom with their CME benefits. No more use it or lose it. Instead MAP holders will get MC Tokens that never expire. You will enjoy preferred pricing (up to 50% off) on Master Clinicians courses. You can use your MC Points to enroll in courses whenever you want.
What are the Benefits of Membership Access Passes (MAP)?
Every time you purchase a MAP you receive 15% more points. All MC courses are discounted (up to 50% off) when you use your tokens to enroll. MAPs bring you more value for your CME.
What are Master Clinicians      Tokens?
FINAL cMe token.png
When you purchase one of our Membership Access Passes, you will receive MC Tokens based on the tier you choose. Use the Tokens to enroll in courses in our CME Library. Since your tokens never expire, you can choose to enroll in courses anytime you like.
What Can I Do with My Tokens?

You can redeem your tokens for Master Clinicians CME courses (Tokens are not eligible to be used for non-Master Clinicians content at this time). There will be additional rewards to redeem using your tokens — Coming Soon Q1 2023.

Do I Get Any Benefits from Using Tokens Instead of Directly Purchasing a Course?
Yes. When you use your tokens to purchase a Master Clinicians CME course, you automatically receive the course at a discounted price.
Can I Earn Extra Tokens?

Yes. Earn FREE tokens by viewing educational content or attending a webinar from one of our many partners. 


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How Do I Know How Many Tokens I Have?
Your total tokens can be seen on your profile/wallet page. Launching Q1 2023.
If I Purchase an Access Pass Do I Get Access to the Whole CME Library?
Access Passes do not automatically enroll you in all Master Clinicians courses. Once you choose the specific course you would like to enroll in, you redeem the appropriate points value for that course. 
How Long Do I Have Access to Courses I Enrolled In?
Once you enroll or purchase a course, you will have access to courses forever.
How Do I Use My Tokens to Sign Up for Master Clinicians Courses?
Once you see the course you would like, email and you will be enrolled in the course. The corresponding tokens will be deducted from your account. The remaining balance will be included in your email confirmation. Once our full system rolls out (Launching Q1 2023), this will be more streamlined and you will be in full control through your account.
What Does the Early Bird Sale Mean?
When you sign up now, you will earn an additional 15% in tokens. You will also have access to the exclusive discounts on Master Clinicians courses. When you use your tokens to purchase courses, you save up to 50%. 

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