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Sherman Abrams Labs

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Sherman Abrams Labs


A team of caring professionals makes all the difference

Established in 1964, Sherman Abrams Laboratory is a full service clinical diagnostic laboratory, providing laboratory service to its patients, physician offices, nursing homes, adult homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, dialysis centers and home-bound patients. Dr. Abrams’ goal was to establish a small, local, community based laboratory that was not hindered by the bureaucracies and impersonal service that doctors and patients faced when dealing with some of the larger national laboratories. 

Although Dr. Abrams is no longer with the company, we use the mission of “it’s not a number, it’s a life” as a guiding light in assuring that all our clients and their patients are always our number one priority.

Throughout the entire laboratory, there are people that make a direct and meaningful difference to our clients and patients on a daily basis. Whether it is the phlebotomist taking that extra step to make sure that the patient is comfortable, or the accessioner double-checking the handwritten requisition to make sure that they didn’t miss a single test, or the IT crew, Salespeople, Technicians, Technologists, Pathologists,

QA professionals, Billing, HR, etc, paying attention to the small details. EVERY SINGLE ONE of our employees’ actions; directly or indirectly, affects the outcome of patient care.

That is our difference. We understand. We care.

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