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CME Access Passes

The New Access Pass is
Master Clinician’s Signature Membership

A way for providers to get more value and freedom with their CME benefits!

Through either Gold, Silver or Bronze Access pass, the member tokenizes their CME stipend as CME tokens on the Master Clinicians platform so there is no more use it or lose it funds. 

With these tokens, providers will be able to purchase online CME courses, CME events or even travel CME packages. Furthermore, the Access Pass will grant the member with unique Master Clinicians Signature Events.

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Get an Access Pass
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Bronze - $1000

Get 1,000       tokens

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ap silver black.png

Silver - $2000

Get 2,000       tokens

FINAL cMe token.png

Gold - $3000

Get 3,000       tokens

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Use Tokens to Purchase


All CME courses

FINAL cMe token.png

All CME event tickets

on the platform

FINAL cMe token.png

All travel CME courses

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Exclusive Benefits

VIP invite to Master Clinicians 2024 events

(1 Signature Leadership Event and 2 Annual Summits - Urgent Care and Primary Care)

  • Gold - Free admission to 2 events with 2 tickets for friends (choice of 1 signature AND 1 annual summit)

  • Silver - Free admission to 1 event with 2 tickets for friends (choice of 1 signature -OR- 1 annual summit)

  • Bronze - Free admission to 1 event with 1 ticket for a friend (choice of 1 annual summit)

VIP ticket to Signature Leadership Event - Live Fireside Chat and Q&A with Top Healthcare Leaders


  • What is the Current State of Healthcare and Private Equity?

  • Reporting Healthcare at the Frontline

  • An Inside Look at Value Based Care and Insurance Plans

  • Can Web3 and Healthcare Coexist?

  • Taking Our Own Pulse - An Update on Provider Wellness

  • What is Design Thinking in Healthcare?


Q4 2024 New York City

VIP tickets to Master Clinicians Annual UC Summit or Annual Primary Care Summit


  • Virtual Conference with Top Speakers

  • Q&A Session with Industry Experts

  • Summer 2024

  • 5-10 CME Credits


All CME podcasts


Including Urgent

Care Podcast Series

(7.5 CME credits)

Exclusive Access Pass Group on the Network

All of Master Clinicians

 Job Board

Annual CME transcript function

In person event HIVE NYC networking event with drink tickets


Earn Reward Points

over 6 months

10,000 for Bronze - $100

25,000 for Silver - $250

50,000 for Gold - $500



Earn all rewards at higher rate

Bronze - 1.1x

Silver - 1.2x

Gold - 1.3x

10% off

  • Discounted course prices when you pay using tokens

  • 10% discount on Master Clinicians courses when you pay by credit card

AP yellow.png

VIP Access Pass Badge - Gold, Silver, or Bronze


Claim a Free Gift


Master Clinicians


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Tax Statement:

The cost of your CME product may or may not be tax-deductible when used for professional purposes. If you receive a gift with your purchase, you may be required to report it for tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor to determine your reporting requirements. Master Clinicians does not provide tax advice.



Master Clinicians Access Pass memberships are subject to terms and conditions. Master Clinicians reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, and such changes will be effective immediately upon being posted on this site. Your continued access or use of this site after those revisions become effective, will indicate your acceptance of the current terms and conditions, as modified.

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